Gender diversity

18 April 2017

April 2017


The 30% Club in Ireland has partnered with a number of business schools to provide scholarship opportunities for 2017/18 to support women to pursue post-graduate management education. The 30% Club seeks to increase the number of women in board and leadership roles, on the principle that greater gender diversity leads to better results, enhanced leadership and governance.

The colleges involved in the scholarships are UCD Smurfit School, Trinity College Dublin, DCU, the IMI, NUI Galway and UL. Read here for more details.

Gender pay gap reporting

In the UK this April, new legislation came into effect that requires organisations of more than 250 employees to gather data and report publically on their gender pay gap. These regulations come five years after the UK Government’s Think, Act, Report initiative aimed at encouraging voluntary transparency around equal pay in organisations. Despite such efforts, women working in the UK are paid on average 18% less than men, similar to Ireland, and there is still a widely recognised under-representation of women in senior leadership positions. See the CIPD guidance.

CIPD Ireland have recommended that action should be taken on this in Ireland under the National Women’s Strategy.