Re-Energise: Eat – Sleep – Move

07 September 2016

7 September 2016

The Impact on Engagement and Productivity

Seamus Linehan, HR Business Partner, Heineken Ireland (Sponsor), addressing the audienceIn tandem with launching the exciting 2016-2017 programme of events, CIPD Ireland Southern Region was delighted to welcome Deirdre Cronnelly, Director, AFRESH, to speak at an event held at Heineken Ireland, Cork on Wednesday 7 September. Subsequent to Margaret Collins, Chairperson, opening the event, Seamus Linehan, HR Business Partner, Heineken, welcomed all, and wished the HR sector well for 2016-2017.

Photo shows: Seamus Linehan, HR Business Partner, Heineken Ireland (Sponsor), addressing the audience

Deirdre Cronnelly, Director, AFRESH, speaking to the audienceTo a large attendance of engaged HR leaders, Deirdre spoke that we are privileged to live in exciting yet challenging times. Many of us live in an 'always-on' culture though. The term 'work/life merge' is more appropriate to many of us than 'work/life balance'. Whilst this can provide us with significant opportunities, if not managed correctly, our wellbeing and ability to perform may suffer both professionally and personally. Deirdre offered insights on how we can take an uncompromising holistic, practical approach to build our resilience and harness our strengths, as well as having the room stand and stretch to ABBA’s Mamma Mia on several occasions during her session!

Photo shows: Deirdre Cronnelly, Director, AFRESH, speaking to the audience

  • Eat – Sleep To encourage optimal sleep, a pre-bedtime snack should constitute something like nut butter on brown bread, or yoghurt with nuts and seeds. As much as possible, seven or eight hours’ sleep per night should be the aim. Also worth considering are blackout blinds or eye masks, in black silk if that helps with the image concerns of wearing same!
  • Move The body’s natural ultradian rhythm cycle would strongly suggest that every 20 minutes, we need to move, particularly if sitting for prolonged periods of time and to avoid ‘sitting disease’ symptoms. This could involve making a telephone call standing, stretching or walking to the printer. As well as for ourselves, this is something we really need to advocate throughout the workplace.

To bring her talk to a close, Deirdre strongly reiterated the importance of hydration, and urged the room to initially commit to just one wellness positive change, be that more water, desk stand-ups, lunchtime walks. To round things off then, there was a final room stand and stretch to Mamma Mia, with some added dancing!

Listen to a podcast of Deirdre's talk

07 September 2016

Programme Launch

Seamus Linehan, HR Business Partner, Heineken Ireland (Sponsor); Deirdre Cronnelly, Director, AFRESH (Speaker); and Margaret Collins, CIPD Southern Region ChairpersonSubsequent to Deirdre’s informative and interactive talk, Margaret Collins, Chairperson, CIPD Ireland Southern Region, launched the programme of events for 2016-2017, sponsored by Vhi Healthcare. According to Margaret, CIPD has been setting the benchmark in people and organisational development for more than a century. In 2016, CIPD Ireland Southern Region has developed a programme of events that will show clear learnings from our past, innovation and creativity for our present, and forward thinking, strategic focus for our future.

While HR is always about the people, many factors contribute to how HR operates in different organisations. The environment in which we work is ever changing. In every business, it is the undisputed role of HR to embrace change and move forward for the good of the organisation and its people.

Photo shows: Seamus Linehan, HR Business Partner, Heineken Ireland (Sponsor); Deirdre Cronnelly, Director, AFRESH (Speaker); and Margaret Collins, CIPD Southern Region Chairperson

It's CIPD Ireland Southern Region’s hope that our members will find these events challenging, informative and an integral part of continued professional development:

  • 28 September  Global Talent Mobility with Gina London – Communications Expert & former CNN Anchor, sponsored by Rockboro Primary & Pre-School
  • 19 October  How to Get the Most Out of Psychometrics in HR with Caroline Ward of Collins McNicholas & Ronan Emmett of Boston Scientific, sponsored by Collins McNicholas
  • 11 November  Social Evening (and Networking Opportunity) sponsored by
  • 30 November  Wellbeing: Health, Sleep and Shiftwork Conundrums with Dr John Gallagher & Dr. Susan Hill of Cognate Health, also sponsor
  • 25 January  Employee Engagement with Mary Leamy of BioMarin International Limited, sponsored by Fastnet Talent Group
  • 15 February  HR Data Analytics with Norma O’Callaghan & Marianne Lee of Trend Micro, also host and sponsor
  • 15 March  HR 2020 with Conor O’Connell of CFI, Paul Kent of PepsiCo, Dr Deirdre O’Donovan of CIT & Jennifer Cashman of Ronan Daly Jermyn; sponsored by CIT
  • 26 April  Motivational Leadership with Paddy Gunnigle – Author & Lecturer, sponsored by CareerWise Recruitment
  • 17 May  Workplace Relations Commission: Employment Law with Peter O’Shaughnessy of IBEC, and CIPD Southern Region AGM, sponsored by Port of Cork

Margaret acknowledged the work of her colleagues on the CIPD Ireland Southern Region Committee, without whom these events would not be possible, before thanking Deirdre for her engaging talk and presenting her with a gift to mark the occasion, kindly sponsored by The Irish Examiner. Sincere thanks were also extended to Heineken Ireland for their support in organising this event.


Deirdre Cronnelly

BA; MA, Trinity College/University of Ulster; Nutritional Therapist ITEC; Health and Fitness Professional (NCEHS); Life and Business Coach (LBCAI)

Before wellness became an everyday expression, Deirdre recognised the connection between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing on our ability to be motivated and productive. This was a result of the 15 years she spent in the global telecoms environment, operating across all company levels, bidding for licenses and playing a key role in starting up and managing mobile network operations. She worked hand-in-glove with entrepreneurs and business leaders in cultures as diverse as Asia, Europe and the Americas. When she reached the pinnacle of her career and wanted new challenges, she radically changed career direction.

Having already obtained a BA and MA from Trinity College Dublin and University of Ulster, Deirdre returned to study and re-qualified as a Life and Business Coach, (LBCAI), Nutritional Therapist (ITEC) and Health and Fitness Professional (NCEHS). She studied these disciplines as she believes good practice in these key areas are fundamental to success in any area of life. Deirdre is unique in her experience and qualifications. Her corporate background enables her to empathise with the challenges of the business world, whilst her multi-disciplined wellness qualifications ensures she can offer clients practical turnkey solutions. Based on this philosophy, she set up AFRESH to energise individuals and transform businesses to assist them take a fresh look at how they operate personally and professionally.



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