Raising our voice

18 January 2017

January 2017

Over December and January we're engaging with a number of government departments and agencies and raising the voice of CIPD on major national policy issues.

In December experts from the Department met with the CIPD National Committee to share their examination of private sector pensions as they start the process of exploring options to deal with the future pension crisis that Ireland is facing. Ireland has 47% supplementary pensions coverage rate (35% in private sector) and needs to build a model that can provide adequate and sustainable pension coverage.

The Minister For Social Protection announced the closure of the JobBridge scheme in October 2016. CIPD has been invited to engage with the Department of Social Protection in relation to a new scheme to replace JobBridge.

On 30 January we will be engaging in the all-island Brexit Forum being hosted by the Minister for Jobs Enterprise and Innovation. Our HR practices survey made it very clear that HR professionals in Ireland want the government to work to maintain the status quo, and maximise the maintenance of free movement of labour and free trade between Ireland and the UK, including Northern Ireland.

As part of Healthy Ireland, work has commenced on building a national Workplace Wellbeing Strategy. In December Mary Connaughton and Michelle Staunton attended the consultation forum on Healthy Me looking at absence and attendance at work. In January, we contributed views around the consultation process on the strategy. We will organise consultation among members as this work progresses.

CIPD Ireland is also supporting Healthy Ireland with their nationwide consultation about the Healthy Workplace Framework. To contribute to the consultation, please click here.

CIPD has contributed to the NSAI review of the Excellence through People scheme which, under the leadership of Michelle Browne, aims to modernise it and revitalise the standards.

The Department of Justice and Equality has launched a consultation process: Towards a new National Women’s Strategy 2017-2020. This month CIPD will attend the Dublin consultation forum and are planning to make a submission on women in the workplace and gender pay.

Read about our submission (added February 2017)

CIPD members with a specific interest in any of these issues can let us know by emailing info@cipd.ie.